Sessions starting at $125 for 1-2 hour photo shoot

50+ digital photos on a flash drive

Family, Group Session
Engagement, Couple Session
Pregnancy session
Senior, School, Graduation Session
Shower, Party Session
Children Session
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What to Wear on day of shoot   
  • Need wardrobe inspiration?  Here are a few tips. 

  • Have a color scheme (three colors are standard).

  • Coordinate outfits for group photos, opposed to matching. Select an outfit that inspires you,  then build the other family member outfits around it. 

  • For an individual photo session, select a piece of wardrobe that you really like, then build your other pieces of clothing around it. 

  • Bring accessories like a colorful scarf, hat, vest, basic hair bow for girls. suspenders for boys.

  • Bring a positive attitude, I want the best you to show through the lens. 

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